THIS SPORTING LIFE (Lindsay Anderson, 1963)

Adapted by David Storey from his partly autobiographical novel, This Sporting Life is a film that keeps telling us how powerful it is but whose power never materializes. It immediately plunges us into a maelstrom of violence on a Yorkshire rugby field; thereafter, Frank, a hospitalized bloodied player, is jabbed by fleeting bits of memory […]

ECHOES OF FORGOTTEN PLACES (Robert Fantinatto, 2005)

Robert Fantinatto’s Canadian documentary Echoes of Forgotten Places (secondarily titled Urban Exploration[,] Industrial Archaeology and the Aesthetics of Decay) unearths abandoned factories and other industrial constructions in Toronto. It begins lamely and unconvincingly, with various voiceovers and slick interviews, but it advances across its three-quarters-of-an-hour length to a fine montage of mostly static images, albeit […]