. . . A VALPARAÍSO (Joris Ivens, 1962)

Three brilliant documentarians worked on the French and Chilean . . . A Valparaíso: its maker, Joris Ivens; in his twenties, Patricio Guzmán, Chile’s future premier political documentarian, who assisted Ivens; Chris Marker, who wrote voiceover commentary suited to Ivens’s images.      Valparaíso, Chile, evidences landmarks from as many countries as have come to port there […]

THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE (Sylvain Chomet , 2003)

Feverishly inventive, exhaustingly visually detailed, Les triplettes de Belleville more convincingly projects a parallel universe than The Matrix (Andy and Larry Wachowski, 1999). Its zaniness and bizarre humors suggest Strindberg’s expressionism, Ionesco, the Marx Brothers and Jacques Tati. Its tendency toward abstraction perhaps makes it a Cubist comedy. Writer-director Sylvain Chomet lays claim to a […]