ALONE ON THE PACIFIC (Kon Ichikawa, 1963)

I have added the following entry to my list of the 100 greatest Asian films, which you will find in two parts elsewhere in this blog. May 12, 1962: Kenichi Horie, 23, in the dead of night steals out of Nishinomiya Harbor in a small sailing craft. Ninety-four days later, the social dropout and perpetual […]

BRASSED OFF (Mark Herman, 1996)

The year is 1992. John Major succeeded Margaret Bloody Thatcher—this is how she is referred to in the film—as the UK’s prime minister in 1990. The closing of a profitable Yorkshire mine is under consideration, threatening its workers with unemployment and their mining village, Grimley, with extinction. There are memories of 1984, when Thatcher referred […]