PHILIPS-RADIO (Joris Ivens, 1931)

Generally, there are two kinds of industrial documentaries: those that celebrate the factory; those that decry it. In the former category is Vertov’s Enthusiasm, which expresses hope that industry lights the Soviet path to future success; Vertov, “in a highly fragmented fashion, aims at an integrative view of the interdependency of elements of Soviet productivity.” […]

THE SOUTHERNER (Jean Renoir, 1945)

Expertly written by Jean Renoir, Hugo Butler, William Faulkner and Nunnally Johnson from George Sessions Perry’s Hold Autumn in Your Hand, The Southerner was Renoir’s favorite among his 1940s Hollywood movies. (It was largely shot on location in Texas.) It is passionate, humane, beautiful.      Renoir evokes a famous scene from Aleksandr Dovzhenko’s Earth (1930) as […]