REVOLT OF THE FISHERMEN (Erwin Piscator, 1934)

German stage director-producer Erwin Piscator, for whom Bertolt Brecht wrote, made only one film, the Soviet Vosstaniye rybakov, based on a novella by Anna Seghers. When Hitler became Germany’s chancellor in 1933, Piscator, rather than returning home, remained in the Soviet Union even after filming was complete; but Piscator, who despised Stalin, immigrated to the […]


There aren’t many Billy Wilder films I do not like; but what can one do with Agatha Christie? The convoluted plot, with its surprise ending (oh, so that’s what’s been going on!), chugs from contrivance to contrivance. Moreover, and most damning, perhaps, Marlene Dietrich, who had given one of her best performances in Wilder’s A […]