AZUR & ASMAR (Michel Ocelot, 2006)

The paternal principle divides, causing class, racial and gender contentiousness, and the maternal principle binds, generating love, strength, humanity, in an exquisitely beautiful, pulse-pounding animated adventure from France’s Michel Ocelot: Azur & Asmar—to which title an extension has been added in the States: the Princes’ Quest. The princes are Azur, a blond, blue-eyed aristocrat, and […]

JULIET OF THE SPIRITS (Federico Fellini, 1965)

Eric Rhode and Peter Morris may be correct and incorrect, respectively, that Federico Fellini’s Giulietta degli spiriti fails as “his intended variation on the legend of St. Anthony” and “could lay justifiable claim to being his best [film]”; but it is gorgeously color photographed by Gianni Di Venanzo, indeed spirited, and intermittently honest to some […]