SEVEN DAYS TO NOON (John and Roy Boulting, 1950)

Professor John Willingdon is England’s chief scientist at its atomic research center. Now he has stolen a bomb, which he will detonate in a week’s time, obliterating the seat of Government, unless the prime minister officially ends British manufacture of all such weaponry. Scotland Yard, convinced he is insane, works to find and apprehend Willingdon. […]

KADACHIT (Chandrakant Kulkarni, 2007)

A confident, successful neurosurgeon becomes a mental case when her accuracy as witness in a murder trial is challenged in Kadachit (Perhaps), a dreary, brain-dead Marathi soap opera. Ashwini Bhave, producer, plays Dr. Gayatri Pradhan, a medical celebrity who shares an unconvincingly idyllic life with her husband, an anesthesiologist, and their young daughter. But her […]