THE 17TH PARALLEL: THE PEOPLE’S WAR (Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan et al., 1968)

[The U.S.] destroyed everything. The rice was so beautiful. The tanks crushed everything. A somewhat more formal on-the-spot documentary than his phenomenal The Spanish Earth (1937), Joris Ivens and Marceline Loridan’s black-and-white Le 17e parallèle: La guerre du peuple is the best movie ever about the Vietnam War. During the two months of its making, […]

CUBA: AN AFRICAN ODYSSEY (Jihan El-Tahri, 2007)

Made for French and German television, Egyptian documentarian Jihan El-Tahri’s Cuba, une odyssée africaine runs more than three hours—although the IMDb’s “118 minutes” suggests there is also a condensed version about. It’s a smooth, absorbing recent history about Cuba’s role in support of African liberation from colonialism and post-independence neocolonialism. It includes a good many […]