SA’AH (Sarah Del Seronde, 2005)

Sa’ah is a Native American student documentary/essay by Sarah Del Seronde. Although about serious matter, it is light, unpretentious, loose-appearing although in reality unemphatically associative, focused and deftly coherent. Del Seronde’s mother is Navajo (Diné); her father, French.      Del Seronde’s voiceover speaks the internalized words of others: a Diné medicine man; her maternal grandmother. She […]

THE BALLAD OF NARAYAMA (Keisuke Kinoshita, 1958)

Whereas Shohei Imamura’s Narayama bushiko (1983) is more anthropological, Keisuke Kinoshita’s earlier version of the ancient legends and Shichirô Fukazawa’s twentieth-century stories primarily reflects on Japanese traits, such as traditionalism and submissive obedience, that led to the Second World War and the world’s—or at least the U.S.’s—atomic rebuke. Kinoshita’s film took three Kinema Junpo awards: […]