WAITING FOR THE CLOUDS (Yesim Ustaoglu, 2003)

It is 1975. In Tirebolu, on the Black Sea, while Turkish census takers interview elderly Ayshe (Rüçhan Caliskur, superb—best actress, Istanbul), Ayshe’s older sister, long ill, collapses and needs to be rushed to hospital—and still the census people want to go on recording their facts and figures, which in Ayshe’s case conceal rather than disclose […]

THE CARRIERS ARE WAITING (Benoît Mariage, 1999)

A brilliant, painfully funny tragicomedy about family in a Belgian suburb within sight of a grimy industrial landscape, former documentarian Benoît Mariage’s Les convoyeurs attendent beautifully mixes naturalism and surrealism.      The Clossets live on Impasse Jaunet. (Note both names: family; street.) A newspaper photojournalist, Roger runs to each newsworthy event that’s reported on his police […]