MARIUS (Alexander Korda, 1931)

Marius launched the fine trilogy wherein Marcel Pagnol adapted three of his sequential plays centering on the same characters in Marseilles. Hungarian-born Alexander Korda directed it; Marc Allégret directed the second installment, Fanny (1932), and Pagnol himself directed the conclusion, César (1936). The three films together were once called the Marseilles Trilogy, but that combinate […]

HAPPINESS (Aleksandr Medvedkin, 1934)

Zany, strange and hectic rather than outright funny (at least today), and tedious for at least half its seemingly interminable length, Schastye, a.k.a. Styazhateli, a.k.a. Snatchers, has become legendary thanks to the efforts of French documentarian Chris Marker, who has lionized its writer-director, Aleksandr Medvedkin. The satirical silent slapstick comedy was banned by the Soviets […]