MAN HUNT (Fritz Lang, 1941)

The hallucinatory opening verges on fairy tale: a British sportsman silently proceeds through a Bavarian forest. Alan Thorndike gets his quarry into the sights of his high-powered rifle: it is Adolf Hitler at the Berghof, his retreat at Berchtesgaden. Thorndike squeezes the trigger, but there is no sound; this is Thorndike’s test of his own […]

SUZHOU RIVER (Lou Ye, 2000)

Lou Ye’s complicated though atmospheric, hypnotic, depressed Su Zhou He crosses social materiality and swooning reverie, documentary and dream, harsh reality and compulsive romantic story-telling.      One young man, the narrator, is a videographer; he mostly “appears” as the eye of his camera—although there’s a glimpse of him in a car, sadistically laughing, and a long-shot […]