FROST/NIXON (Ron Howard, 2008)

The slashed title of Frost/Nixon, which Peter Morgan (best scenarist, San Francisco critics) adapted from his play, suggests some identity, even interchangeability, between the two protagonists, British television showman David Frost and disgraced U.S. president Richard Nixon. Perhaps they both possessed wobbly egos, grounded in their humble origins and the scar tissue of classist humiliations, […]

COCALERO (Alejandro Landes, 2007)

The Aymara of South America were oppressed for centuries by Incas and the Spanish. Of Aymara descent, Juan Evo Morales Ayma—Evo Morales—became the first fully indigenous president of Bolivia in 2005. The head of Bolivia’s cocalero union movement representing coca farmers, Morales was elected largely as an act of national resistance to the U.S. government’s […]