WILL IT SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS? (Sandrine Veysset, 1996)

The couple who work hard on their—well, his—farm in southern France are never given names; the land, drained of color and bleak, may have absorbed their identities into the monotony of their labor, which Sandrine Veysset’s Y aura-t-il de la neige à Noël? minutely, oppressively observes. Dedicated to her mother, Veysset’s autobiographical first feature won […]

THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (Michael Powell, 1937)

A lumpy blend of silly narrative and splendid pseudo-documentary, The Edge of the World struck writer-director Michael Powell as “the turning part in [his] art.” Ultimately, this film—which would remain by far his best—may owe more to the gorgeous, alternately lovely and turbulent black-and-white cinematography of Ernest Palmer, Monty Berman and Skeets Kelly, however, than […]