THE CIDER HOUSE RULES (Lasse Hallström, 1999)

Every time I see a film by Lasse Hallström, my ultimate response is exactly the same: Is that all there is? His films, however genial, seem aimless to me. I felt that way about My Life as a Dog (Mitt liv som hund, 1985), made in his native Sweden, and I felt that way also […]

THE DISTRICT! (Áron Gauder, 2004)

Although it won prizes as best animated feature at Annecy, Ottawa and the KROK festival in Ukraine, Áron Gauder’s Nyócker!, based on a television series, has been lambasted by some for being crude. As it happens, this fast-talking Hungarian film is mostly brilliant, especially early on. Even as its teenage musical numbers becomes increasingly annoying, […]

IT HAPPENED IN HUALFIN (Raymundo Gleyzer, Jorge Preloran, 1966, 1971)

“The people move on like a homeless river.” Edited down by Raymundo Gleyzer from his student thesis film, Elinda del Valle, and crediting the original’s cinematographer, Jorge Preloran, as co-director, Ocurrido en Haulfin is a tripartite Argentinean work studying the poverty afflicting hardworking indigenes in Catamarca. The first two parts are in black-and-white, the last, […]