DEV (Govind Nihalani, 2004)

Born in Karachi, in what was British India and is now Pakistan, Govind Nihalani has directed and cinematographed Dev, a tremendous, sweeping, heart-walloping melodrama about India’s Hindu-Muslim riots, which (contrary to what a good many reviews declare) were still going on in India at the time of the film and after, although India’s government suppressed […]

THE CITY AND THE DOGS (Francisco J. Lombardi, 1985)

Written by José Watanabe and directed by Francisco J. Lombardi (best director, San Sebastián), the Peruvian film La ciudad y los perros is based on Mario Vargas Llosa’s novel, whose Faulknerian presentation, sophisticated and complex, has been replaced by a simplified, linear procedure. The book’s multiple subjective narrations suggest three things at least: Peru’s fractured […]