THE SOUL KEEPER (Roberto Faenza, 2002)

The same year as Elisabeth Márton’s extraordinary documentary My Name Was Sabina Spielrein a fictionalized treatment of Spielrein’s life, including her relationship with psychiatrist, later colleague Carl Jung, also surfaced. This is Italian filmmaker Roberto Faenza’s mostly English-language The Soul Keeper, whose script admits to seven different writers. One of the reasons for this high […]

LETTERS FROM A DEAD MAN (Konstantin Lopushansky, 1986)

A computer error linked to the launch of a space shuttle has brought on nuclear winter, ending the world. In a shelter underneath a science museum and library survivors are either dying or desperately holding onto hope. The protagonist (played superbly by a barely recognizable Rolan Bykov) is a Nobel Laureate, in physics I believe, […]

THE SKY FALLS (Andreà and Antonio Frazzi, 2000)

Adapted by Suso Cecchi d’Amico from Lorenza Mazzetti’s autobiographical novel, Il cielo cade principally concerns Penny, the Lorenza-character, and her younger sister, here called Baby, who, orphaned when their parents are killed in a road accident, thus enter the home of an aunt and uncle, Katchen and Wilhelm, and the couple’s two daughters. Wilhelm is […]

PRIMO LEVI’S JOURNEY (Davide Ferrario, 2006)

“I am in the [death] camp once more. There is no truth outside the camp. . . . We weren’t petrified by the slow snowing of days.” — Primo Levi Davide Ferrario’s affecting documentary La strada di Levi retraces the circuitous, oft-“diverted” journey made by homeward-bound Primo Levi after the Jewish socialist was among those […]