TRAINING DAY (Antoine Fuqua, 2001)

Written by David Ayer, who is white, and directed by Antoine Fuqua, who is black, Training Day is a divided, demented “entertainment” about a vicious L.A.P.D. narcotics officer, who is black, and his virtuous trial-run partner, an ambitious rookie, who is white. Alonzo, who has a secret agenda (to extricate himself from serious debt to […]

KEPT AND DREAMLESS (Martin De Salvo, Vera Fogwill, 2005)

From Argentina, Las mantenidas sin sueños disappoints despite its several festival awards for co-writers/directors Martin De Salvo and Vera Fogwill, including best film prize at Milan.      Fogwill also stars as Florencia, whose nine-year-old daughter, Eugenia, must mother Mother, whose life has moved from medical school to prostitution and drugs as a result of, at least […]