A STAR IS BORN (William A. Wellman, 1937)

“You know, Esther, there will always be a wilderness to conquer. Maybe Hollywood is your wilderness now.” — Lettie, to her granddaughter Tremendous and overwhelming, the original A Star Is Born is the one substantial film among the three versions. People will continue to argue whether Janet Gaynor or Judy Garland gives the better performance […]

PARTISANS OF VILNA (Josh Waletzky, 1986)

In Hebrew and Yiddish, with linking English commentary, the fine documentary Partisans of Vilna, by Josh Waletzky, consists of the recollections of surviving members of a Jewish resistance movement—elsewhere there were other such movements—in and about the Vilna Ghetto in Lithuania. Archival materials, both filmed and photographic, interlace the testimonies.      The ruination of Vilna, “the […]