ADAPTATION (Spike Jonze, 2002)

Now it’s clear—clearer than even Being John Malkovich (1999) left the matter: Charlie Kaufman is a brilliant comedy writer. Adaptation, another collaboration with director Spike Jonze (pronounced Jones), is curious, audacious and on the mark. It’s all about, on several different levels, adaptation. The premise of the plot is dizzyingly complicated. Being John Malkovich having […]

BEYOND THERAPY (Robert Altman, 1987)

Among Robert Altman’s 1980s theatrical adaptations, and hilarious, Beyond Therapy has been widely maligned, at least in the States. Christopher Durang and Altman’s script comes from Durang’s play, though Altman’s extensive changes led Durang to all but disown the final result, giving reviewers cover for their venom—although some of them took the occasion to dump […]