PASTORAL HIDE-AND-SEEK (Shuji Terayama, 1974)

A fantastic, kaleidoscopic symbolical autobiography, Shuji Terayama’s Den-en ni shisu opens with a freeze frame, with the young boy in the foreground, hands covering his eyes, remaining still as playmates in the background scurry to hide for their game of hide-and-seek. But it is a horde of adults who appear to confront the seeker, who […]

TOBACCO ROAD (John Ford, 1941)

Written by Nunnally Johnson, John Ford’s tonally complex, engrossing, brilliantly hilarious Tobacco Road restores the sympathy for the poor and understanding of poverty that distinguish Erskine Caldwell’s 1932 novel but which were replaced by condescension and otherwise obscured in Jack Kirkland’s offensive, long-running play. With the soul and eye of a poet, moreover, Ford has […]