TULPAN (Sergei Dvortsevoy, 2008)

I have just added the entry below to my list of the 100 greatest Asian films, which you will find elsewhere on this blog. All films exist on a continuum whose opposite poles are documentary and fiction, and former documentarian Sergei Dvortsevoy’s Tulpan is closer to the documentary pole than any other fictional film I […]

THE SKY RIDERS (Jindřich Polák, 1968)

Nebeští jezdci, a stark black-and-white World War II film about Czech pilots participating in Royal Air Force bombing raids (the cinematographer is Jan Nĕmeček), is often cited as a masterpiece of the Czech New Wave—the movement that Soviet tanks crushed, along with every other aspect of Czechoslovakia’s itch for liberty, by the 1968 invasion. Jindřich […]