ADRIFT (Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos, 1969)

From Hungarian novelist Lajos Zilahy’s 1928 Valamit visz a víz (Something Is Adrift in the Water), Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos’s Hrst plná vody had a difficult birth. The 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia interrupted its filming, requiring relocation and re-shooting; the language shifted from Czech to Slovak, retitling it: Touha zvaná Anada—Desire Called Anada. […]

Z (Costa-Gavras, 1969)

From the novel by Vassili Vassilikos, based on the 1963 murder of opposition party deputy Gregorios Lambrakis, a liberal, that led to the military overthrow of democracy in Greece, Z—in ancient Greek, “He lives”—won a plethora of prizes, including the foreign-language Oscar and “best film” from the National Society of Film Critics and New York […]