A WOMAN IN BERLIN (Max Färberböck, 2008)

Sometimes, one watches a film and cannot help but think of another—or of more than one other. Yesterday, watching Károly Makk’s Another Way (1982), which is mediocre, I thought of Makk’s tremendous Love (1971), but also of another film, by another filmmaker, Max Färberböck, that succeeds brilliantly where Makk’s Another Way fails, in correlating political […]

ANOTHER WAY (Károly Makk, János Xantus, 1982)

Based on a 1980 novel with a frightening title, Törvényen belül (Within the Law), by Erzsébet Galgóczi, Egymásra nézve—Regarding One Another—was written and co-directed (along with János Xantus) by Károly Makk, the maker of the great Szerelem (Love, 1971). Egymásra nézve, also highly regarded (International Film Critics’ Prize, Cannes), is considered a landmark in gay […]