A SONG OF INNOCENCE (Antoine Santana, 2005)

Six years after Marco Bellocchio’s La balia (The Nanny, 1999) comes another period study of class centering on a hired wet-nurse: writer-director Antoine Santana’s La ravisseuse, which for some peculiar reason has been given the title A Song of Innocence in the States. In their different ways, the impoverished illiterate, Angèle-Marie, and her mistress, Charlotte, […]

SPARTACUS (Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Mann, 1960)

Dispensing with the Rashomon-like flashbacks of Howard Fast’s novel, each attuned to a different character’s view of Spartacus, executive producer Kirk Douglas’s film is a blunt, thin “big movie,” a collection of boring, silly, gory scenes that puts the best possible face on the Roman obliteration of the actual Spartacus’s slave rebellion in the first […]