HAMMERSMITH IS OUT (Peter Ustinov, 1972)

Peter Ustinov, directing from a spotty, foul-mouthed script by Stanford Whitmore, creates a Faustian fable that is sparked by two wonderful performances. Beau Bridges, performing harakiri on his clean-cut image, plays Billy Breedlove, a Texan redneck who, working as an attendant in a shady mental hospital run by Caligari’s descendant (Ustinov, as usual over-the-top), discovers […]


This Sunday morning, I find the following films to be the ten best of the 1970s, which I am giving in order of preference, beginning with my most favorite: 1. THE PASSENGER (Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, France, Spain, 1975). Written by Mark Peploe, Peter Wollen and the director, Antonioni’s The Passenger, a baleful, delicately mournful mystery, […]