TINGYA (Mangesh Hadawale, 2008)

The human misery incurred by brutal globalization: this is the premise of young writer-director Mangesh Hadawale’s Tingya (best film, Maharashtra State Film Awards), from India. Tingya is a 7-year-old boy who begs for the life of his pet bullock, Chitangya, which his father, a poor farmer, feels he must sell to the butcher if his […]

ALIBI (Roland West, 1929)

Until the contrived ending where vicious young gangster Chick Williams turns sickeningly cowardly, Chester Morris gives a crackerjack performance in Roland West’s engrossing, visually exhilarating Alibi. Indeed, one of the things that interferes with our pleasure while we watch this famous film is precisely the play on which it is based: Nightstick, by John Griffith […]