CARMEN (Carlos Saura, 1983)

“I am afraid of losing you,” flamenco director Antonio tells the young, strikingly beautiful woman who has become his lover during rehearsals of his adaptation of Bizet’s opera Carmen, in which he plays Don José to her Carmen. The young dancer’s name also is Carmen. Wiry and weather-beaten, Antonio is not so young; in his […]

THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE (Satyajit Ray, 1958)

Tulsi Chakraborty excels as Paresh Dutta, an insignificant bank clerk who rises in wealth and popularity, but also draws police scrutiny as a likely smuggler, after discovering a marble, a so-called “atom bomb,” that upon touching it turns iron into gold in Parash Pathar, Satyajit Ray’s lovely Capraesque fable about serendipity and satirical comedy about […]