THAT DAY (Râúl Ruiz, 2003)

“Something’s just not right here.” — understatement uttered upon finding a dinner table populated by ten or so freshly murdered familiar souls Alternately frightening and hilarious, writer-director Râúl Ruiz’s Ce jour-là revolves around the attempt—by her family, the police and the government—to eliminate heiress Livia and appropriate her upcoming fortune, property and power in “Switzerland, […]

THE TWO MRS. CARROLLS (Peter Godfrey, 1945; 1947)

The year 1945 saw the completion of the first two of three collaborations between director Peter Godfrey and actress Barbara Stanwyck; one, Christmas in Connecticut, is a light romantic comedy that has become a seasonal semi-classic, while the other is a marital thriller that was not released until March 1947, to help further distinguish it […]