CAPITÃES DE ABRIL (Maria de Medeiros, 2000)

April Captains is a loud, lurid melodrama, further corrupted by ridiculous soap opera, about the Leftist, popularly supported, largely nonviolent military coup, begun in Lisbon on April 25, 1974, that ended the Estado Novo, Portugal’s long dictatorship. The Portuguese film focuses on two soldiers participating in the coup. One of the film’s stars, Maria de […]

FRENZY (Alfred Hitchcock, 1972)

Alfred Hitchcock followed his masterpiece, Psycho (1960), one of the most exactingly brilliant studies of the American social, moral and psychological landscape, with four more or less Europeanized or “international” films; even The Birds (1963), Psycho’s immediate successor, a Californian transplantation of Daphne du Maurier’s story, seems “universal” beyond the studio that released it. Marnie […]