THE RAPE OF EUROPA (Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen, Nicole Newnham, 2006)

For all its traditional nature, its reliance on “talking heads” and scripted voiceover narration (read in this instance by actress Joan Allen) as well as archival materials, The Rape of Europa is a tremendous film—a much, much better one than has been grasped despite the near unanimous approval it has garnered. Its subject comprises two […]

CARRIE (William Wyler, 1952)

Victor Milner’s gray, faded black-and-white cinematography suits the mood of Theodore Dreiser’s turn-of-the-century urban naturalism in his dense, painstaking Sister Carrie, from whose title Hollywood excised the first word not to confuse audiences into thinking that the heroine was a nun. Carrie Meeber isn’t that, nor as a nervous Paramount studio or “actress” Jennifer Jones […]