THE BAND’S VISIT (Eran Kolirin, 2007)

Droll, humane, sensitively composed, exquisitely paced, Bikur Ha-Tizmoret is Israeli writer-director Eran Kolirin’s first feature. This beautiful comedy swept the Israeli Film Academy Awards, winning in eight categories including best film, director, screenplay, actor (Sasson Gabai) and actress (Ronit Elkabetz). It also won three prizes at Cannes for young Kolirin.      The eight-member Alexandria Ceremonial Police […]

NIGHTMARE (Maxwell Shane, 1956)

Less than a decade after he made Fear in the Night (1947), writer-director Maxwell Shane made another film version of Cornell Woolrich’s story “And So to Death,” using the title given the story in mystery anthologies: Nightmare. This is a smoother, better upholstered version, but with the exciting dreamlike effects of the original, derived from […]