THE COMMAND (David Butler, 1954)

Guy Madison, during his long-running stint as television’s Wild Bill Hickok, made movies, too, and he is pure gold as Capt. Robert MacClaw in Hollywood’s first widescreen western, The Command, from James Warner Bellah’s Saturday Evening Post novel Rear Guard. Madison’s gracious, wry, intelligent acting beautifully compensates for James Whitmore’s hokey, fatuous Sgt. Elliott, a […]

BLISS (Abdullah Oguz, 2007)

One certainly hopes that Mutluluk has its heart in the right place, but this breezy romantic adventure, with glib asides, about a traditionally required honor killing in an East Turkey village trivializes the matter at hand. Agonizingly slow-paced, clumsy and silly, the film, from Turkey and Greece, is based on the novel by Zülfü Livaneli. […]