THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES (Juan José Campanella, 2009)

Overlong, unevenly paced, cruel, overloaded with plot (and a dishonestly tricky plot at that), El secreto de sus ojos is twisted, agitated melodrama from Argentina. It sullies one to watch its crude images. This hasn’t kept it from winning a plethora of prizes, including the Oscar as best foreign-language film.      This doesn’t necessarily mean that […]

LE ORME (Luigi Bazzoni, Mario Fenelli, 1975)

Until its unconvincing resolution, Le orme—Footprints—is a tense, engrossing fairy tale for adults. Amidst mysterious, lovely imagery, it is continually shifting its narrative foundation, most often in reference to time and identity. From Italy, Luigi Bazzoni and Mario Fenelli’s film comes from Argentinean Fenelli’s novel Las Huellas, which Bazzoni and Fenelli (as Fanelli) co-adapted.      The […]