THE CONVICTION (Marco Bellocchio, 1990)

Written in collaboration with psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli, Marco Bellocchio’s La condanna matches key to key to suggest the extent to which architect Lorenzo Colajanni’s rape of art student Sandra Celestini, inside the locked Farnese Castle art gallery at night, may also have been a kind of collaboration. At closing time, having exited with her class […]

CRAZY HEART (Scott Cooper, 2009)

We’ve been told that first-time writer-director Scott Cooper’s Crazy Heart, from Thomas Cobb’s 1987 novel, was headed straight to DVD or cable television before its rescue by Searchlight Fox. This account could be apocryphal, but its charm suits the film itself, for all its clichés a thoroughly engrossing drama about a 57-year-old country-&-western singer who, […]