THE MASCOT (Władysław Starewicz, 1933)

From France, to which Władysław Starewicz had immigrated, arriving in 1920, Fétiche combines brief bookending live-action and the stop-motion puppet animation that takes over as a stuffed toy dog, freshly sewn, ends up boxed with other toys, including a tutued ballerina, who becomes a tragic index of potential fates in the depressed 1930s economy, all […]

WILD AT HEART (David Lynch, 1990)

“Seems we broke down somewhere on the yellow brick road.” Among cinema’s most passionate romances, David Lynch’s southern “road picture” Wild at Heart (Palme d’Or, Cannes) tests a number of assumptions and activities, their interactivity and mutual compatibility, in the American landscape: individualism, personal freedom, social compassion, violence and other antisocial behavior (including ultra-liberated sex), […]