KINAMAND (Henrik Ruben Genz, 2005)

Keld, though kind, is dull. Rie, his wife, has had enough. When she announces she is leaving and divorcing him, Keld musters what protest he can: “Couldn’t we buy new furniture instead?” Guess not; Rie is out in an instant, right after telling Keld that he must admit to adultery, although she knows he has […]

GALLIPOLI (Peter Weir, 1981)

Young Mel Gibson is brilliant (best actor, Australian Film Institute)—clean, deft, quick, poignant—as sprinter Frank Dunne in Peter Weir’s antiwar historical fable, Gallipoli, an antidote now for any bad feelings that his public comments and private actions may have engendered some three decades hence. In the intervening time, Gibson has been one of the few […]

HOME (Ursula Meier, 2008)

“Home” is one’s defense against the outside world. But what is the upshot when “home,” including spouse and children, becomes one’s whole world? Michel (Oliver Gourmet, giving the best performance) and Marthe (Isabelle Huppert, fluent and fragile, if less complicated than usual—best actress, Mar del Plata) are long settled into their happy marriage, “apart from […]