ZAKHM (Mahesh Bhatt, 1998)

Zakhm—English translation: Wound—plays off the connection between mother and motherland. From India, it is set against the 1993 communal riots in Mumbai (Bombay) that had been triggered by the December 1992 demolition of the Babri Mosque. The city has become a battle zone for opposing Hindus and Muslims, and Sonia, despite music director Ajay’s protests, […]

AMADA (Humberto Solás, 1983)

Beloved, one of cinema’s great love stories about thwarted passion, is a visual feast served up by legendary Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás—some sources cite co-scenarist Nelson Rodríguez as co-director, some do not—and exquisite color cinematographer Livio Delgado and composer Leo Brouwer, the main theme of whose score sweeps one up in its gigantic mood of […]