DRÔLE DE DRAME (Marcel Carné, 1937)

The French team of scenarist Jacques Prévert and director Marcel Carné is celebrated for their poetic realism in moody, fatalistic works and for the tragic enchantment of their period romances. However, the Leftist pair also created a zany, brilliantly funny comedy. Drôle de drame ou L’étrange aventure du Docteur Molyneux is the complete title of […]

PRICK UP YOUR EARS (Stephen Frears, 1987)

The title of Stephen Frears’s best film, Prick Up Your Ears, can be read in two entirely different ways (one referring to ears, the other to another, specifically male body part), and one of these was considered sufficiently salacious in Ronald Reagan’s reactionary America that the film couldn’t be given mainstream advertisement in many parts […]