THE REFUGE (Nigel Barker, 2003)

Beautifully photographed by Alexander Metcalfe with rich patches of color in both interior and exterior expanses of darkness, The Refuge (Asylum) was co-written (along with Simon Ricketts) and directed by Nigel Barker (best director, Cinequest); it is a gripping British docudrama that peters out towards the end before reclaiming the power necessary to batter the […]

DEATH IN THE GARDEN (Luis Buñuel, 1956)

In Luis Buñuel’s keenly evocative La mort en ce jardin, the “garden” suggesting the God-given paradise that Adam and Eve corrupted is, in reality, the atheistic jungle to which a group from a South American mining village take to escape the military police, which have the state in their grip. During the flight, late into […]