THE WELL (Leo C. Popkin, Russell Rouse, 1951)

One of the most exciting and emotionally overwhelming U.S. films ever, The Well is about what happens to an American town after five-year-old Carolyn Crawford one day vanishes. We know that Carolyn has fallen down an old, undemarcated well in a field; no one else does, including perhaps Carolyn herself. This “Alice” comes upon her […]

DANAV (Makrand Deshpande, 2003)

The title of writer-director Makrand Deshpande’s Hindi film Danav—which, incidentally, variously translates into English as Demon or Beast—pegs the film’s fabulous, mythological style as human nature and the supernatural cross paths, mostly in the mango grove of Thakur Rajah Sahab, where Lakshmi, the teen whom the rajah, obsessed, bought as a 7-year-old child, roams as […]