THE LAST REPORT ON ANNA (Márta Mészáros, 2009)

Commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Hungary’s becoming a republic upon its independence from communist rule, Utolsó jelentés Annáról nonetheless reflects disquiet, ironically, as growing numbers of Hungarians feel unsettled by political changes in their new nation in the intervening two decades. A tonic for this mood is postwar historical memory: the regime of Soviet-backed János […]

EYES WIDE OPEN (Haim Tabakman, 2009)

In Hebrew and Yiddish, from Israel, Germany and France, Einayim Petukhoth is a solemn film about a thirtysomething Jerusalem butcher, married and with four children, who reluctantly falls in love with his young new male apprentice, drawing the hostility of his Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Rivka, his wife, asks Aaron Fleishman (Zohar Shtrauss, best actor, Jerusalem) […]