WHITE MATERIAL (Claire Denis, 2009)

Somewhere in Africa that was formerly, or is currently, colonized by the French, war rages. Both the government and the rebels have ordered Maria to vacate ex-husband André’s coffee plantation, which she has been running with perseverence and an iron grip. French soldiers in an overhead helicopter have beseeched her to evacuate the country immediately. […]

THE KING’S SPEECH (Tom Hooper, 2010)

Since childhood, Albert—“Bertie”—has stammered and stuttered. Engaged by his wife, Elizabeth, Australian-born therapist Lionel Logue endeavors to correct this, over time, in idiosyncratic sessions with the royal client, who is second in line of succession. In 1936, his father dies; when his brother abdicates to marry divorcée Wallis Simpson, Bertie becomes Britain’s King George VI. […]