THE LIGHTHOUSE (Mariya Saakyan, 2006)

Considering how richly her Russian Mayak is imbued with a woman’s sensibility, I am perplexed that Armenian-born Mariya Saakyan believes that “differences” between female and male filmmakers are “disappearing.” The Caucasus wars compelled her childhood family’s move to Moscow, where Saakyan studied film, and Mayak draws upon her vivid memories of civilians living at risk […]

AROUND A SMALL MOUNTAIN (Jacques Rivette, 2009)

Enchanting Jane Birkin plays Kate in Jacques Rivette’s likely farewell film, the dreamy, humane 36 vues du Pic Saint Loup. Following his death, Kate returns to her father’s threadbare, faded circus (and to sister and niece) on its likely last tour and fifteen years after her likely banishment for jinxing the troupe’s insulated world by […]