THE ELEVENTH YEAR (Dziga Vertov, 1928)

In the form in which we have each of these documentaries by Dziga Vertov, Odinnadtsatyy, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 1917 revolution and, therefore, marking the launch of the Soviet Union’s second decade, is far more lyrical and rhythmic than A Sixth of the World (1926). It, too, is one of the most beautiful […]

BAD BOY BUBBY (Rolf de Heer, 1993)

From Australia and Italy, Bad Boy Bubby revolves around 35-year-old “Bubby,” whose mental and emotional growth have been stunted by his mother’s having kept him imprisoned, in the dark, dank apartment they share, under threat of the “poisonous” air outside that would kill him. Meanwhile, Mother has made Bubby, whom she relentlessly abuses both physically […]