SAUVE QUI PEUT (LA VIE) (Jean-Luc Godard, 1980)

After working long in video, Jean-Luc Godard returned to using film with Sauve qui peut (la vie)—literally, Save His Life Who Can, but called Every Man for Himself in the U.S. and Slow Motion in the UK.      The opening shot is of the sky; it looks fake, and the only thing moving, laterally, is the […]

OF FREAKS AND MEN (Aleksei Balabanov, 1998)

Aleksei Balabanov’s witty, sad, convoluted Pro urodov i lyudey celebrates Freudian ideas, such as the existence of the Unconscious and the driving force of the sexual impulse in (at least bourgeois) familial and social arrangements, in post-Soviet Russia, where the ban against Freud’s writings has dissolved along with the repressed Soviet state. This purposefully dreamy […]