THE PELICAN BRIEF (Alan J. Pakula, 1993)

On the same night, two U.S. Supreme Court justices are assassinated. Why? Researching the matter, Darby Shaw, a law student, theorizes on the basis of whose business interests—oil; anti-environment—would be furthered by the current U.S. president’s projected replacement nominees. (The named culprit was the lead financial contributor to the president’s campaign for office.) Her brief, […]

THE CONFESSION (Costa-Gavras, 1970)

Tauter, more humane and engrossing than his Oscar-winning Z (1969), Costa-Gavras’s L’aveu derives from a firsthand published account of the 1952 Czechoslovak show trials, ordered by Soviet premier Stalin, that aimed to purge the Czechoslovak Communist Party of undesirables on trumped-up charges of treason and espionage. One defendant was Party-loyal Artur London, vice-minister of foreign […]