THE GUNFIGHTER (Henry King, 1950)

The American Southwest in the 1880s: at night, in long-shot, someone on horseback rides fast screen-leftward. This turns out to be Jimmy Ringo—at 35, a man who would ordinarily be in the middle of his life. But, a killer, Ringo is no ordinary man. Notorious, this weary gunslinger has become the target, in town after […]

KENTUCKY (David Butler, 1938)

Culminating in the single most exciting Thoroughbred race ever to appear in a Hollywood film, Kentucky is a small gem highlighted as well by an Oscar-winning performance. Walter Brennan (best supporting actor) is extravagantly wonderful as obstreperous old Peter Goodwin, whose family’s feud with the Dillons, also horse breeders, dates back to the American Civil […]