MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (Woody Allen, 2011)

Gil Pender, a self-described “hack writer” in Hollywood, has accompanied his fiancée, Inez, who has all the warmth of Sartre’s Inez, and Inez’s right-wing parents to Paris. He has brought with him his first stab at a legitimate novel, which involves a nostalgia shop, along with his regret for not having remained in Paris the […]

THE LITTLE THIEF (Claude Miller, 1988)

Janine Castang, who is sixteen in 1950 in La petite voleuse, began as Antoine Doinel’s companion in crime and flight from juvenile delinquent confinement, but François Truffaut, feeling he had enough on his hands with Jean-Pierre Léaud’s Antoine, decided to drop her character from his monumental The 400 Blows (1959). Truffaut would come back to […]