TIH-MINH (Louis Feuillade, 1918)

The territory of dreams: actual dreams, or visions; flashbacks, shifting and Chinese-boxing time; characters toting split identities, echoed by a series of material divisions, such as two distinct mansions; related to this, mirror-imaging, which is to say, opposite alternatives, including moral alternatives of human nature; shifting identities, at least, appearances, where disguise turns one character […]


In the finest scene in Romanian filmmaker Radu Muntean’s depressing, cliché-ridden adultery drama, Marți, după Crăciun, a middle-aged couple come apart, perhaps irrevocably. Having decided to choose mistress over wife, Paul tells Adriana, “I’ve met someone, and we’re in love.” His casual manner salts Adriana’s wound at the point of its infliction. At their kitchen […]